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Liz Lew, 781-354-9700

Hello, Thank you for visiting my website. I know once you explore this program, you will love it as much as I do.

I received my MBA from Boston College, and Bachelor of Science from Florida International University. For the last 15 years, I have been working as a major gift fundraiser - a position where looking professional is a must, and a having that "put together" and "just right" look definitely communicates a type of presence and confidence beyond just wearing a nice suit or outfit.

When I found the My Private Stylist website, I could not tear myself away from it once I received my "style blueprint". Where was this site 15 years ago when I started out in my career?? Even though I did fairly well assembling a wardrobe over these years, I still had no style sense about certain things.

"My Private Stylist" answered every question I could think of! I feel much more focused when I go shopping for myself. Also, I do not get distracted by trends or items that really do not suit my unique proportions, because I finally understand my proportions and how fashion design principles of symmetry and illusion apply to me. This saves me time and money.

Feel free to contact me about my experience with the program. The value is incredible considering the depth and breadth of information assembled for you. My clients are so impressed with the program ''sophistication and completeness." Plus, it is so easy to use. This will be one of the best investments in your image you will ever make...I am sure of it :-)


~Personal Image Consulting Services from Turn Up Your Style ®, located in Fairfield County, CT, USA~

How does the world see you and how do you see yourself? Rarely do clients match the two results.

My consultation starts out with a unique combination of personality & leadership exercises not used in the image consulting marketplace. Based on the results and a discussion about the client's lifestyle, I recommend certain dressing themes, accessories, colors and hairstyles to compliment their professional and social personalities. Also included is a color analysis and style analysis to compliment the client's physical assets.

This empowering evaluation leads to a very high level of self-awareness, confidence, harmony, happiness, and superior personal branding.

I would be happy to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation with you. Please email me at Please type "30 Minute Consultation" in subject line.



Liz Lew, 781-354-9700Telephone: 781-354-9700
City/Town: Norwalk

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